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Where is Java EE 7 Examples?

It annoys me that I couldn' t find javaee 7 tutorial examples which are referring them as under "tut-install/examples/persistence" directory. But there is none.

Thanks google to help me finding examples and others... But why a man on earth place java ee 7 tutorials under and make no direct link to them?

If you are using eclipse to work with examples like me; you will encounter maven install problems because of relative path dependencies on pom.xml of "javaeetutorial".


Also, don' t forget to start derby database instance before "mvn install".

How to install fonts to linux?

I downloaded merriweather from, it is delivered in truetype font (TTF) format. To install them system wide in ubuntu, I made "merriweather" folder under /usr/share/fonts/trutype then locate all ttf files related to various weight of merriweather font, here. Then restart font cache to make the system reflected by the changes.

> mkdir /usr/share/fonts/truetype/merriweather/

> cp *.ttf /usr/share/fonts/truetype/merriweather/

> sudo fc-cache -fv