Prerequisite of WebSphere Application Server Installation Procedure

WebSphere Application Server  is the most powerful and matchless complex application server in the Java Enterprise World that is a the strongest candidate to take over the control of e Business from main frames. In spite that it has still many bugs that causes many problems to its administrators since how more complexity grows, the rate of problem occurence increases. While existing bugs are solved continuously in each versions, it seems that each solution brings its own problem. However, in a general manner, it is wise to use WAS and/or other brothers in a serious eBusiness application.

Commonly, people suffering from concerning application server installation problems, creating profile bugs in profile management tool or unable to starting websphere application server instance even after a successful install. On windows, the common mistake is leaving the settings to local area format. Open "Regional and Language Options > Regional Options(TAB) > Standards and formats" and choose English(United States) in order not to face with any possible problem that might drive you to distraction.

Regional and Language Settings


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