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WebSphere Integration Developer - WPS/ESB Server Startup Credential Error (SECJ0306E)

In WebSphere Integration Developer 6.2, after changing workspace with existing WPS or ESB server definition or using a new server definition (both of  them must require credentials) causes RoleBasedAuth exception at server startup with the stack trace below. This is the result of WID 6.2 that  is incapable of managing new server credentials. The solution is reconfigure server definition; right click on problematic server on servers window, Open , then reenter credentials and save. On the next start, this exception will vanish. WID 6.2 Server Configuration - Security Tab SystemOut: [7/25/11 13:34:12:019 EEST] 00000055 RoleBasedAuth E SECJ0306E: No received or invocation credential exist on the thread. The Role based authorization check will not have an accessId of the caller to check. The parameters are: access check method checkIfAppExists:java.lang.String:java.util.Hashtable:java.lang.String on resource AppManagement and module AppManagement. The stack trace is java.lang.Ex

How to recover "Open With" option of exe files on Windows XP

Accidentally or purposely, changing "Open With" option of exe files causes a fatal damages on xp that cannot be recovered. Since, the tools and all other programs are exe files and running them becomes almost impossible for an average experienced user. Changing "Open With" Option of EXE Files Open " My Computer " / " Local Disc " (where Windows is installed. e.g. C:) / " Windows "; then, right click on regedit.exe , select " Run As " and uncheck the box of " Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity " on the menu, then press OK . Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.exe ; then delete all key-value pairs at .exe, OpenWithList and OpenWithProgids.