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Domain Name System(DNS) Syntax Rules

What is a domain name, Why IANA cares? Domain names are used to access machines over local network or internet with human readable syntax instead of IPs. is the global example domain name that is reserved for educational purposes by IANA. IANA(International Assigned Numbers Association) manages DNS root zone and many other critical protocols and standards of internet. At first glance, i will highlight the right most part of domain name "com", our example domain name. "com" is defined by IANA as a top level domain name (TLD) and there are 312 TLDs and six kind of top level domain names presented in IANA DNS Root Zone : country-code(tr, ru, us, uk...),  sponsored(xxx, jobs, travel),  infrastructure(arpa),  generic-restricted(biz, name, pro),  generic(com, info, net),  test(.భారత్) In the IANA DNS Root zone page, there is each of top level domain names and related organizations listed. tlds-alpha-by-domain.txt # Version 2011121300, Last

Centering Circles Problem in CirclePageIndicator

ViewPagerIndicator library fits well the need of indicator circles for sliding views. But there is micro level bug in library; it cannot align circles center vertically; then there is a slight cut top of circles.It is really difficult to notice, take a look closer. :) The red line is border of CirclePageIndicator View; it cuts the circles CirclePageIndicator has boolean centered attribute but it doesnt work expected, instead I used 2dp padding top to shift the circles below. It worked well. But I wish I had time to fork and fix this issue and make a pull request in github. After simply adding padding 2dp to top, quite satisfactory