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COMRESET failed (errno=-32)

Early in the morning, I hit this issue because of putting my nose into boot options. I changed the option form AHCI to RAID then restart but what I see flood of "COMRESET failed (errno=-32)" errors. I immediately restart and rollback my action but this doesnt prevent me from falling into desperate flow of error logs in /var/log/syslog. To solve problem, I make my talisman: used screwdriver to remove dvdrom. Because some ubuntu forum posts mentioning the reason is poor SATA cable connection. In my laptop there is no cable but there is  a socket to easily remove dvdrom. Anyway after removing, start the system and EUREKA the problem logs are gone! I checked mounted disks and validate reading and writing data is ok with some consequent restarts. Then of course I didnt leave the dvdrom empty. I shutdown the system and stick it into place roughly. And now everyone is allright. The lesson do not touch (mess up with) anything if it is working.  :) Aug 10 08:25:09 msi kernel: