SASS Problem with Compass - can't extend nested selectors

While compiling materialize.scss with compass to override some trivial classes as in the getting started guide, I got this annoying error.

error scss/screen.scss (Line 9: Can't extend .blue .lighten-4: can't extend nested selectors) Compilation failed in 1 files.

I was trying to apply this as shown in the materialize.css guide:

.ilike-blue-container {
    @extend .blue-text, .text-lighten-4;

Everyone on the stackoverflow guesses without a reasonable source of problem; I have come to this conclusion after just few scrolls on sass documentation.

The problem is using wrong sytax while extending another .class.

.ilike-blue-container {
    @extend .blue-text;
    @extend .text-lighten-4;


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